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Domain Management

There are several types of "domains" and they all need to be managed.  It isn't hard, or very expensive, but if it's not done on a regular basis, . . . READ MORE

Network Management

Our network management system is called SystemPulse.  You can learn more about SystemPulse by visiting this website:

Besides our managed solution we also support and recommend other, 100% in-house management solutions . . .  READ MORE

Network Support & Services

Switches, Firewalls, Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE), Quality of Service (QoS), Access Points and routers are like a foreign language to most people.  Not us.  It's a language we love.  We install, configure & maintain nearly every manufacturer's network gear. . . .  READ MORE


Ellegent Systems sells, installs, monitors and maintains WLAN networks.  We consult & assist customers with integration into other networks using innovative products and techniques. . . .  READ MORE

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