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Service & Repair


Blocktime is a program where you purchase a block of hours, in advance, receiving a 20% discount from our normal hourly rate.  As we work for you and your business, time is drawn against that block of hours.  This is an excellent way to manage costs on systems that aren't critical.  One block is 10 hours and we bill you for another block when the balance is at or close to 5 hours.

Of course, every customer gets our basic management suite included, which often saves travel time and increases response and return to service time.

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Contract Services

When it comes to conttracts, we consider ourslelves innovative.  WE bundle our premium management package with monthly, quarterly or annual rates for proactive support that assures your system will be reliable.  We closely monitor the health and condition of covered equipment, automatically initiating service if there is a problem of any size.

Pricing for contract services is quoted per customer, based on what equipment is needed to be covered.  The more that is covered, the less of a cost per device.  The older the equipment, the more expensive it is to put under contract.  It is less expensive to cover a new system than a three year old system.

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Hourly Rates

We have several hourly rates, plus a flat rate sheet for specific services.

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Power & Grounding

Ever wonder why some people constantly have problems with their PC's and Servers?  Chances are it's because they have a power, grounding or static problem.  Most businesses trust that the wiring and grounding in their building is correct, but when it isn't, it can cost a lot of money to determine the problem and more to get it fixed.  Band-Aids don't work.  We aren't electricians, but we've had considerable training in power and grounding, and can trouble shoot your problems and recommend solutions.  If you are building or expanding, it's a good idea to give us a call to ensure you implement the best possible power solutions for your systems.

Fee free to call us anytime  at 618-624-1138, or fill out the "contact us" form below

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