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It seems every security company and IT company is doing CCTV, also known as Video Surveillance.  It's easy and relatively inexpensive for what you get.  So, why should you deal with us; we are an IT service company?  We don't resell someone's DVR box and plug everything together.  We design a CCTV system that meets our customers needs or modify your existing system to do a better job.  We carefully analyze our customer's current situation and plan a system that is cost effective, efficient and easy to maintain.


Network Security

Network security is one of the areas of networking we love. (yeah, we're geeks)  It gives us great satisfaction to design and implement network security that is extremely effective without limiting our customer's ability to do work.  We try not to be biased on products or software, and usually recommend the highest quality solutions available while staying within budget.  We use Gardner's Magic Quadrant as a guide for determining best of breed security solutions and are trained or certified in most of the top rated products.

We believe each business is different.  One may need a firewall and desktop anti-virus where another only needs good desktop protection.  In all situations, we work closely with our customers to provide the best, most flexible solution possible.

Want more information?  Call us at 618-624-1138, or fill out the "contact us" form below.

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