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Payments & Terms (US dollars)


PrePay (BlockTime)           C.O.D.         Credit Card      PayPal           Net Terms  


Terms are net 15, with late fees accruing at 30 days.

Late fees are at 1.8% compounded daily.

Payments can be made via check to Ellegent Systems, Inc.  102B Willow Drive, O’Fallon, IL.62269

We accept credit cards via our website or PayPal, both with a service fee.


Ellegent Systems, Inc. reserves the right to request Credit References and a Credit Application to extend Credit.  Credit terms are subject to Ellegent Systems, Inc. discretion.

  • Credit as Net Due or Terms is not extended automatically. 

  • C.O.D. may be required, depending on your credit references and Dun rating. 

  • Ellegent reserves the right to change a customer from Terms or Net Due to C.O.D. at any time and with no advanced warning.

  • Net Terms are subject to credit approval.

  • Invoices for Customers without Net Terms are due and payable Upon Receipt. 

  • Overdue invoices will be subject to a late charge.


Credit application/agreement must be completed for all new accounts that request credit.

Net Due on receipt accounts are delinquent, and interest is applied, when they are aged over 5 days without payment from date due. Net Terms accounts are delinquent, and interest applied, when aged over 15 days from the due date.


In the event of delinquent payment, legal action will be taken, and the buyer will be liable for all resultant collection and/or legal costs. 




Issuance of a Purchase Order, signing of an Ellegent Activity Report or entering into any agreement with Ellegent, acknowledges & accepts Ellegent Systems Standard Terms & Conditions unless mutually agreed upon in writing prior to the event.


Prices are quoted FOB manufacturer or distributor with sales tax due, unless otherwise stated.  Ellegent Systems is authorized to collect tax in the States of Illinois and Missouri.  For all orders with point of delivery outside of the State of Illinois or Missouri, the customer will be required to pay the sales tax directly to the appropriate government agency and agrees to indemnify Ellegent Systems against any such liability.


Title to goods (hardware & software) will remain with Ellegent Systems, Inc. until payment for those goods has been received in full.


Shipping Policies: Ellegent Systems, Inc. standard shipping is via UPS ground.  Ellegent Systems, Inc. will ship any reasonable method at actual charges.  Insurance is added to the cost of shipping unless declined by the client in writing.  Partial shipments will be invoiced on shipment of goods and are subject to the same terms as above.


Damaged goods are not to be returned without prior authorization from Ellegent Systems Inc. Upon receipt of your parcel, please check over the contents carefully.  Damages noted should be recorded on the shipping manifest and notification should be made to Ellegent Systems, Inc. ASAP.


Returns will be accepted only at the discretion of Ellegent Systems, Inc., and then only after issue of a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number. Returns are subject (at Ellegent Systems discretion) to 20% restocking charge. Custom built Hardware & Software, and/or custom ordered items are non-returnable and non-cancelable.



Rate & Services


Ellegent Systems, Inc. offers On-Site and Remote support and service. 

We bill Hourly, Block Time, and by Contract, rates available upon request. 

We bill for Travel, Portal to Portal, except for accounts under contract that include travel in the agreement.

Hourly Service Overtime is before 8am and after 5pm Monday-Friday.

Weekends and Holidays are Overtime.

Minimum Block of service is 10 hours, paid in advance with a 20% discount. 

Contract Maintenance is quoted based on customer’s needs.


Block time hours carry over from year to year.  Block time is considered Hourly Service.


All Service and Repairs are “best effort” unless Customer previously entered into a support contract with Ellegent Systems.


Standard response time for contracted Hardware Maintenance is 30 minutes or less by phone, 2 hr on site for critical situations with repair of hardware within one hour of receipt of parts.  Contracted Software Maintenance response by phone is also 30 minutes or less and 2 hr on site time for critical situations.  Return to operation for Software Maintenance depends on the configuration of the system and will be negotiated per contract.  Return to operation for hardware is 4 hours after receipt of parts.


Block Time is NOT a Contracted Service.


Software support is available for most Microsoft products and other Vendors software packages.  For software packages that Ellegent Systems does not normally support, there may be initial fees, charged to customer in order for Ellegent to become certified to support those packages.   


Ellegent stocks spare parts for common and high failure parts.  Ellegent Systems, Inc. will stock spcific critical spares for a nominal fee.



Ellegent accepts written and verbal hardware orders with confirmation, but prefers Purchase Orders.  If we receive verbal orders we will respond to the verbal order with an email verifying what is expected.  All orders will be acknowledged.

Order Changes

Ellegent Systems is not required to accept any requested change after order acknowledgement; however, all reasonable requests for changes will be honored and tracked.  All requests for order changes by customer/buyer must be confirmed, in writing, by Ellegent Systems in order to be effective.  Any order change accepted after order acknowledgement is subject to our ability to confirm and will be subject to a charge for materials, labor, and other costs involved in the change depending on the status of the order at the time of the change request.


Acknowledged orders, including order changes may not be canceled without the consent from Ellegent Systems.    If a cancellation is approved, the order will be subject to cancellation charges consisting of an administrative fee of at least $10 plus any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Ellegent Systems. 

Warranty Information 


Ellegent Systems, Inc. warrants products to be free from defects in material or manufacturing for the period of the original manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty does not apply to uses not in compliance with specific applications and installation procedures set forth by Ellegent Systems, Inc. or the Manufacturer.


Labor for Hardware Repair is warranted for 10 business days on all repairs.  Used or refurbished parts are warranted for 20 business days.


AC Ground, referenced to neutral at only one point, is required for all installed equipment.  Operational Surge protectors are required for all equipment under warranty or on a service contract, Uninterruptible Power Supplies are recommended for all computers and servers.  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that AC Grounds and Surge protectors are in place.  Ellegent will assist when requested.


Ellegent Systems, Inc. does not warrant any software nor provide service agreements on software.  Ellegent Systems does provide support for select software packages and will learn software packages to support our customers needs.


All warranty obligations of Ellegent Systems, Inc. shall be limited, at the discretion of Ellegent Systems, Inc., to repair or replacement of the defective part.  In no event will Ellegent Systems, Inc. be responsible for damage caused by user negligence or Acts of God.


Ellegent Systems, Inc. warrants all individual hardware or software sales equal to the original manufacturer’s term and conditions.  Ellegent Systems, Inc. will immediately order/exchange defective merchandise with an identical or like item for a period of 30 days.  For advanced exchange warranty service over 30 days, Ellegent Systems, Inc. may require a Credit Card Deposit.  All other RMA’s will be processed based upon Manufacturers turnaround time.


These Terms and Conditions are expressly in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, all such other warranties being hereby expressly excluded.


Network Security - Virus, Threats and Vulnerabilities


Ellegent Systems takes network security very seriously.  Ellegent cannot prevent nor is responsible for any infection, breach, crypto-locker data-hostage situation or Ransomware.  Ellegent requires all customers invest in a high-quality boundary firewall, keep all software patched, have desktop threat protection (anti-virus software).  Backup is HIGHLY recommended of all devices and data.  Ensuring this is done is part of the cost of doing business and having a secure and reliable computer network. 

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