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About Us

Since 1995, Ellegent Systems, Inc has been dedicated to provided professional Information Technology (IT) Services to small and medium sized businesses.  Located in O'Fallon IL, Ellegent Systems, Inc serves southern Illinois, downtown St Louis and "inside I-270".

We offer onsite support and service for Windows networks, which includes all workstations, servers, printers, communication and much of the associated software.

Our philosophy is to do what is right for our client.  Every client is different and has different needs.  We listen to what those needs are and supply the client the information necessary for the client to make an informed decision


We're all about partnerships with people and companies who bring value to our customers.  Our philosophy might be a little odd given our industry but we feel that there should be more to a relationship between people and companies than just an authorization to purchase from them.  In the technology world you'll typically find companies claiming they have partners flying out the wazoo.  Just check their websites.  It's more about ego than about bringing value.  The reality is that the vast majority of these relationships are nothing more than companies the provider purchases from. . . . 



When it comes to contracts, we consider ourselves innovative.  We bundle our premium package with monthly, quarterly or annual rates for proactive support that assures your system will be reliable.  We closely monitor the health and condition of covered equipment, automatically initiating service if there is the slightest problem. . . .  READ MORE 

OUR COMPANY - We are about our customers and their employees

You won't find our customer list here or anywhere on the net.  We don't like to brag, but sometimes it's hard not to.  

We like to think we are a people company.  It's not hard to understand why.  Technology is designed to enable people, to lift them to higher aspirations and accomplishments.  Too often it seems what was suppose to enable people and drive business forward becomes nothing more than more paperwork for everyone involved.  What's worse is when the system that employees come to rely on and trust suddenly proves unreliable and there is no process to quickly get them back to work achieving the goals they strive to meet. . . . 


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