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Our Customers & Their Employees

OUR COMPANY - We are about our customers and their employees

You won't find our customer list here or anywhere on the net.  We don't like to brag, but sometimes it's hard not to.  We cherish our customers, want to see them succeed and we are proud when they do.

We like to think we are a people company.  It's not hard to understand why.  Technology is designed to enable people and lift them to higher aspirations and accomplishments.  Too often it seems what was suppose to enable people and drive business forward, becomes nothing more than more paperwork for everyone involved.  What's worse is when the system that employees come to rely on and trust, suddenly proves unreliable and there is no process to quickly get them back to work achieving the goals they strive to meet.

You've probably experienced a little of this yourself.  You want to get an email out to a client, only to have some sort of problem  You machine is slow enough already and now isn't working.  You've been trying to get ahold of your IT guy all morning only to get their voice mail.  Frustration starts to build.  You take your business passionately.  You ask yourself: Why won't this guy call me back?  Why do we keep having problems?  Sometimes the reason is lack of options being presented.  We all know our businesses but not necessarily all the options available from our vendors, and often we don't take the time to find out.

Amazingly, major outages are rare.  It's the little annoyances that drive us nuts.  A lot of us have learned to accept the minor inconveniences, deal with them, and as long as the whole deck of cards doesn't come crashing down - life is good.  If you wrote down five things that irritate you about your computer, you would realize they really aren't serious issues, but you're not alone when you "feel" like they are.

There's a little secret in our industry that you may be aware of and we are not supposed to share - and you have to promise not to tell!  Eighty percent of all IT work is reactive rather than proactive, which drives up costs.  There are a LOT of reasons for this. Some of the fault rests squarely on you, the customer, for not fully understanding how IT can *impact your business, *the options available and *not planning for the future.  It is our responsibility to educate you and provide you options that help make your business efficient and successful.  That's part of the reason we made this web site.  Granted, if being proactive were 100% effective, there would be no downtime and efficiency would be at 90% all the time . . . like that will ever happen!  Right now, IT problems for responsible businesses, even if they are reactive, are generally small and serious problems are rare.  If your business doesn't seem to fit the previous sentence, we need to talk.

We'd love to hear from your.  Tell us what you think about our philosophies; ask us questions or just chat.


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