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Software as a Service  (SaaS)

Yes, you can get your software as a service.  It's also called Cloud Computing.

In fact, you can get SaaS on many levels to meet your exact needs.  SaaS can be complicated and includes Cloud services as well as in-house services.  When there is a need, and when configured correctly, SaaS can make your business much more efficient, providing value by streamlining workflows and keeping your software cutting edge and always working.

SaaS is usually bundled with HaaS (Hardware as a Service) but not necessarily all the time.

Ask us if this could be right for you.  Call us or fill out the "contact us" form below.

Software Consulting

Software consulting is becoming more and more important because of costs associated with purchasing software and the options with Cloud computing.  Pluss, there are software options available to many customers that could give them the competitive edge they need or the cost savings that would allow for bonuses. . . .  READ MORE

Software Management

Software needs to be managed because there are constant updates, patches, hot fixes, or what ever the software vendor calls them.  Sometimes these updates, if not implemented, can have a detrimental effect on your PCs and Servers.  This can translate into less productivity with a result on your bottom line.  Then there's the new versions of software that you have to buy.  Additionally, some software doesn't work well with other software and needs to be tested before it is implemented on a network.  For small customers, this isn't much of an issue, but for larger customers, it is a serious concern. . . .  READ MORE

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