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Bringing Value

We're all about partnerships with people and companies who bring value to our customers.  Our philosophy might be a little odd given our industry but we feel that there should be more to a relationship between people and companies than just an authorization to purchase from them.  In the technology world you'll typically find companies claiming they have  anabundance of partners.  Just check their websites.  It's more about ego than about bringing value.  The reality is that the vast majority of these relationships are nothing more than companies the provider purchases from.  Ok, they may have some special training that makes the "partnership".  If you agree with this, keep reading.  If not, we hope you'll keep reading anyway.

There's no shortage of equipment vendors, software companies and service people who are drooling at the thought of selling you something.  In any given week, we bet your company receives numerous phone calls from various vendors wanting to tell you what they can sell you.  However, how often do you deal with a company that suggest ways to achieve goals efficiently and within a given budget, even if it doesn't benefit them?  When you find a company like that, don't let them get away.

Oh, did we mention that is OUR goal?

Call us crazy, but we decided a long time ago we weren't going to play the numbers game.  For us, partnerships with our customers are like relationships with friends.  They have to bring value to us and our customers, and must be with companies whom we can help equally.  We have a strict policy of confidentiality and we don't sell or divulge our customers information to anyone.  We become invested internally in our partners success, and work with them to develop their products and services, hopefully in ways they never thought possible.  The vendors we have partnered with are mostly companies that share the same ideals as we do.  They are the companies that refuse to lower quality to make a sale.  The ones who fight on behlaf of their customers and who never put their vendors interest above their clients.  Ok, we admit we've had to partner with some large companies who have no conscience and are driven by the bottom line, but a few of our customers demand it, so we comply.

We try not to be biased or bigoted but it's not always easy, because some of the companies we work with have really GREAT products and philosophies.  I know, everyone says that, but we can actually prove it.  Every time we quote a product or service we re-evaluate that product or service for the purpose it is intended, against other products on the market.  WE constantly review our suppliers and partners to make sure their reviews are stellar compared to the competition.  We also subscribe to any and all alerts and notices from our vendors and partners.

We'd love to hear from you.  Tell us what you thinnk about our philosophies; ask us questions or just chat. 


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