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It seems every security company and IT company is doing CCTV, also known as Video Surveillance.  It's easy and relatively inexpensive for what you get.  So, why should you deal with us; we are an IT service company?  We don't resell someone's DVR box and plug everything together.  we design a CCTV system that meets our customers needs or modify your existing system to do a better job.  We carefully analyze our customer's current situation and plan a system that is cost effective, efficient and easy to maintain.

CCTV Cameras and IP cameras have dramatically different characteristics.  CCTV cameras generally don't have a good image quality, while IP cameras can range from CCTV quality to near broadcast quality.  Understanding focal length, light characteristics and cameras goes a long way in designing a system that is reliable and useable.

Each frame or image of a video takes up space.  The higher the resolution, the more space needed to store the images.

If you have 16 CCTV cameras, each storing just 1 Gig each a day (not a lot), that's 16 GB of images a day!  If you store your images for just 2 weeks, that's 224 Gig of data!  If you have medium resolution IP cameras, your daily storage per camera could easily be 20GB and your daily storage for 16 cameras could be 320 Gig with your 2 weeks storage being 4.48 Terabytes.  That's a LOT of data to manage.  Some businesses are required to keep their video's for 3 months, which is a staggering amount of data to manage.  We have designed and built systems that not only make it simple for the users to use, but ensures they don't lose images.

Additionally, ensuring that your recording system runs 24 X 7 without a hitch is important.  We build the best NVR's available and install monitoring software to immediately alert our customers or us if there's an issue with a camera or the system.

We love to discuss opportunities to see if we are a good fit.  Feel free to call us anytime or fill out the "contact us" form below.


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