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Network Support & Service

Switches, Firewalls, Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE), Quality of Service (QoS), Access Points and Routers are like foreign language to most people.  Not us.  It's a language we love.  We install, configure and maintain nearly every manufacturer's network gear.  We are great at finding problems in networks and simplifying what others have made complicated (and expensive).

Our SystemPulse management system can monitor all your network gear and notify us, and you, if there is a problem, like the Internet going down at 5am.  We get on it right away to make sure it's back up as soon as possible.

With IPv6 (the new internet) now available, we are gearing up to offer custom network designs that will amaze you.  There are so many options for extended network designs they are difficult to communicate, not to mention the increased security.  

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