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Wireless is a broad subject, so we need to cover a few acronyms:

WPAN - Wireless Personal Area Networks

WLAN - Wireless Local Area networks

WWAN - Wireless Wide Area networks

WMAN - Wireless metropolitan Area networks

WMesh - Wireless mesh Network

Cellular - Cellular networking

Ellegent Systems sells, installs, monitors and maintains WLAN networks.  We consult and assist customers with integration into other networks using innovative products and techniques.   We have secure wireless solutions for one access point (plus installation) all the way to multiple radio, multiple node, highly secure and managed, wireless access systems that allow users to roam without losing connectivity or slowing down.

As an example: one customer wanted their employees to have secure wireless access to their network in the building and wanted guests to have access to the Internet, but not be able to see their corporate network devices.  We found several solutions that met their requirement, outlined the features of each and the cost.  Our customer chose the solution that best met their need and we implemented it without an issue.

A Motel wanted to provide guests free internet, but not anyone driving by.  We were able to set up a system that changed passwords every week and automatically sent the new password to the employees to give to customers. 

A camp ground wanted to charge for wireless Internet usage, where the users signed in every day and paid a small fee through a website.  We found the ideal solution at a very reasonable price.

Yet another customer required secure 99.999% uptime for critical aspects of their network.  To meet this requirement, the customer had to have more than one internet provider.  In their case they have 3: Charter for their main connection,  ATT DSL for the first backup and Cellular for their third backup.  Charter is the fastest, DSL slower and Cellular just a little slower than DSL.  The cost of DSL and Cellular together is substantially less than the cost of Charter, unless it is used, then they pay based on usage.

We consult on connecting you and your visitors cellular phones to wireless to your network without causing issues or significantly affecting your internet speed.  We can monitor all aspects of  your wireless network to make sure it is working at peak efficiency and immediately respond to any problems or outages.

Because there seems to be significant changes in wireless technology every 3 years or so, our philosophy is to carefully identify our customer's needs, document them and then find a solution that exactly meets their need with the understanding that the next time them PC and Servers are upgraded, the wireless network will need to be re-evaluated.

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