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The Value of Owning your Own Cloud

Vendors are constantly touting the value of their cloud offerings.  If it was difficult to offer these cloud services, there wouldn't be so many companies providing these services.  There are a LOT of Cloud Service providers that misrepresent themselves, either by saying that the Cloud Service they are reselling is theirs, or by trying to offer Cloud Services on a budget that could endanger customers businesses that put trust in them.

So, why can't you do it yourself and not worry?  for a lot of Cloud services you can!  there is the potential to have much better system/network security with features that work better by doing it yourself.  PLUS, the costs over a 2 to 3 year period will be less.  the best part is you aren't locked in to one provider, you are in charge.

there are a few Cloud based services that just make good sense; like hosted Exchange and hosted PBX, but a lot of the most expensive services can be accomplished in-house for less, and better.  When we say better we are not saying that the hosted services are bad, however when you do it in-house you may end up with a better solution for your business.  Many times cloud Service providers require changes to your network or work flows that add cost to the solution.  When you do it in-house many times you can avoid those costs while enhancing productivity.

What kinds of in-house solutions are we talking about?  


apple or Android device integration

Network Management


Secure FTP

Fax Servers

Network Security

and to some degree, CRM

There are a few "gray" areas when it comes to industries where there is a lot of competition like education and medicine where going in-house may not be the best solution.  You just have to analyze each situation realizing there are no 'standard' solutions that fit for everyone.

The industry that is getting hit the hardest by high costs for Cloud services is the financial industry.  Selling point for Cloud solutions to financial institutions is fear and doubt that in-house solutions will be compliant.  Bringing services in-house could save 50% over 3 years for most financial institutions WITH better documented, more secure service and automatic reports for compliance.

There are some really clever and innovative in-house "cloud" products that businesses can purchase that will increase productivity and impact.  Give us a call to discuss the options at 618-624-1138, or fill out the "Contact Us" form on the website.

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