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A Guide to Backup


A general statement for the most important aspect of your computer

system - after design and implementation - is backup. There is nothing more important . . .  Continue reading


Protect Your Business & Yourself

Ransomware sucks!  If you're unfortunate enough to get hit, we sincerely hope you have a backup that is not visible from your network! . . . Continue reading

Network Killing Your Business?

Network Slows, Business Slows

In the past, you could use a simple Wi-Fi router.  Today, that's like having your front door open 24 hours a day.  Disaster will strike - the only question

is when. Continue reading


What's Your PC's Expiration Date?

It's not really an expiration date, but more about when will my PC fail! 

The short answer is .... Continue reading




Dual Factor Authentication

You may have seen it, you may be using it.  in any case, it will be part of your life soon.  There are a few "Myths" associated with it and no one has said

it better than Jim Fenton of OneID . . . . Continue reading

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