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Office 365

Ellegent is a Microsoft Partner

Office 365 is here to stay, and we’re glad.  There is no real competition for Microsoft Office.  The closest competitor is Google’s suite of products.  Google’s products aren’t very well integrated and by the time you get done adding all the Google APPs to try to do what you can do much easier in Office 365, you are paying the same, or more. 
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Logon Security

Security is a HUGE issue

Every responsible business has to ensure that the business’s security is top notch.  Each user is responsible to use those resources correctly.  When we say “resources” we mean logon security, procedures and protecting informatio . Continue reading

Phone Systems, Then and Now

Serious differences between Onsite & Cloud

Not too long ago your only choice for phone systems were relatively inexpensive 4-line cordless systems with limited capabilities, a considerably more expensive “KSU” that supported 12 to 15 phones and had a limited auto attendant that you couldn’t program or a full-fledged PBX that could handle hundreds of phones that could set you back a fortune to buy and another fortune to maintain.  Continue reading


Technical Revolutions

Right now there are several major technical revolutions going on.  One is with telephones and moving from in-house PBX’s to Cloud PBX’s.  Another is home and business automation.  It started in the home with Amazon Echo and is expanding into whole-house automation.  Continue reading




New Technology

There’s all kinds of new technology coming to market every month, some really cool, some causes you to wonder why.  A technology that came out about 12 months ago are super thin USB powered monitors.  Continue reading

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