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Do Managed Service Systems Make the MSP's & Their Customers more Efficient?

A system that is not managed by an experienced Managed Service provider (MSP) is at a huge disadvantage on many levels, but the most important isn't the response time.  Most MSP's:

**Have a much better understanding of their customers systems,

**Can document the systems better than any provider that doesn't have an MSP system, **Can deploy a system that is much more stable than one deployed by a company that doesn't have an MSP system.

Plus, good MSP's can anticipate problems often before they occur by analyzing the data available.  MSP's:

**Are generally better structuring maintenance, making sure systems are backed up,

**Get cleaned on a regular basis,

**Updates are accomplished and

**Provide remote support before simple problems become serious issues.

Do all MSP's do that? Unfortunately no, but all want to and try to some degree.

There are alternatives to MSP's and yes, they are in most cases, better products than those provided by.  However, with most of those, you have to be on-site to use them.  In other words, either it is a very secure network or it is a network that has an in-house staff that is doing what an outsourced MSP would do, only using better, less expensive tools.

Unfortunately the Break/Fix model of system maintenance no longer fits for most businesses.  Most just can't afford it.  Businesses can't afford:

**Spare equipment or the space it takes

**The visits by technicians to trouble shoot

**The down time waiting for a tech to arrive.

These days equipment has to operate efficiently 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, which leaves 14 hours a day during the week and all weekend to do backups, updates and any needed maintenance.  Good maintenance organizations are rarely seen other than for training or if there is a major problem, but when needed they are very receptive.

Want to chat more on this subject?  Give us a call!  It's one of our favorite subjects.


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