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Are Managed Services as Good as the Vendors Say?

Well, maybe.  We are a managed Service Provider and have been for over 13 years, longer than most MSP's. We can't do our job without Managed Services anymore.  They are a fact of life, and yes, they probably are as good as some vendors claim.

No matter what a vendor tells you, Managed Services are very complicated to deploy and manage.  the level of expertise necessary to successfully manage a Kaseya, N-Able or Level MSP system or any other of the other MSP packages, is VERY high and not all MSP fully utilize their systems to the fullest degree.  Not only do you have to understand the systems you are monitoring, you have to understand the system you are using.  Manpower, training and the management systems are expensive and someone has to pay for them.  That's the customer, on way or another.

MSP's are trying to be competitive and efficient by specializing and giving customers incentives.  In order to be successful, some MSP's attempt to:

**Standardize all their customers so the MSP can be more efficient

**Manage more customers with fewer qualified individuals

**Be more profitable in order to make the boat payment.


We have a different approach.  First, we don't like boats and we firmly believe if all customers have the same "standard" system, somebody no longer has a technological edge over their competition.  Many service providers use "Compliance" as a tool to try to standardize their customers.  To us that's a cop-out  of an MSP not willing to accept a challenge and genuinely help their customers.  Our competition argues that when they standardize a customer they only recommend best in class hardware and best practices, but by whose measure?

We are DEFINITELY not a major player in the MSP market, but we have a very good understanding of the industry and know the position we want to play.  Look around our site and learn our philosophy.  We hope you agree and join us!

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