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January 2018




The Importance of Windows Updates

A service that allows for the periodic patching of system files

We have all seen the classic yellow shield and exclamation point (now a notification flag in Windows 7) that indicates there are Windows Updates available for installation, but do you know how these updates actually affect your computer? With Microsoft setting to patch a record 49 vulnerabilities on October 12th of 2016, we believe it is critical to our clients' security that they understand a little about these patches and how you can keep your systems protected. (Don't have time to read? Call us at 618-624-1138 ext. 201 for the solution: Patch Management with Ellegent’s SystemPulse Remote Monitoring and Management System).Continue reading


Any exploits that do occur will be extremely difficult to remediate.

Every so often there is a pivotal event that causes incredible changes to an industry. The Spectre/Meltdown vulnerability is such an event to the tech industry.  The vulnerability was discovered in August of 2017 with the public’s notification on January 2, 2018.  Every device with a processor in the world is affected to some degree.  Yes, even late model cars.  This time next year there will be articles analyzing the cost and impact of this vulnerabilityContinue reading

Are Internet Phones Secure?

The Short Answer is . . .

The short answer is yes, they are secure, more secure than Plain Old Telephone (POT) analog lines AND they are generally less expensive with more features, using Cloud data centers to host the PBX’s.  Another way to say it is . . . Continue reading


Data Breaches & Identity Theft

It may be a surprise to you, but the US Government has lost more personal information than any business in the United States, an estimated 244.5 million records.   The Office of Personnel Management had 3 major breaches, two after they were told to tighten up their security.  That dwarfs the Equifax breach where 143 million records were exposed. Continue reading




You've Been Compromised!

Through NO fault of yours, your personal information is probably for sale right now.  How can that be?  Since 2013 there have been at least 10 major data breaches, in the US, that have compromised individuals personal credit information. There have been countless minor breaches in the US.  One of the largest data breaches was discovered on September 7th, 2017 when it was discovered that Equifax was compromised and approximately 143 million records were taken.  That’s 143 million people who are credit worthy.  Chances are that you were one of them.  If not, don’t worry your information was probably compromised in one of the other

11 major breaches.. Continue reading


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