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Hardware as a Service (HaaS)


Consider this:

*Never having to buy hardware again,

*Dispose of hardware again,

*Depreciate harware again,

*Having the price you pay for your system, software, maintenance & documentation the same for the             next 6 years, guaranteed

*No ups and downs, just one monthly (expense) payment for software, support, management & service

    When hardware and software reaches 3 years old, they are replaced with the latest, similar software

     and technology

*Time for a Server refresh?  It's done, no additional or unexpected costs. 

This makes perfect sense for new businesses and businesses that are growing where they want to know how much it will cost to run the system far ahead as well as how much it will cost to add users and equipment.  It takes the hassles out of dealing with expansion of your network.

Of course, there are underlying costs for all aspects of HaaS and unlike some other vendors, we make sure those details are provided to you every step of the way and that there are no "oops"!

Want to chat further?  Have an innovative idea?  Call us!! 

PC Design

Custom PC Desigh is still an art that Tier 1 manufacturers can't match.  We take pride in our ability to provide our customers with machines designed to meet their EXACT needs with warranties & support that is unmatched.  Why are custome designed machines better than mass produced?

1.  With a custom built machine, you don't get the freeware or bloatware you get with commercial machines

2.  You get the level of quality you want, which is very high, at prices comparable with Tier 1 manufacturers

3.  You get the features you need without buying features you have no use for

4.  Warranties with custom machines seem to be a guideline to let youknow that you won't have any trouble       until well after the warranty is expired. With some Tier 1 machines, it is the time to replace.  All our

     machines have 3 years warranties, some have 5 year warranties

5.  We can custom brand your machines with your logo, adding to your business overall image

6.  You get to choose the size of the case.

7.  We can design machines to be in less than ideal environments

8.  We can build machines to do EXACTLY what you need & not mych more, saving you $$$$

9.  We can build that KILLER machine your kid has always wanted so he can smoke his friends online

     who are using XBox, Playstation, etc

10. Working with High-end graphics? we work with you to get exactly what you need.

11. Need 2, 4, 6 monitors?  No problem.

12. Need to be secure?  We have unique solutions that give you the edge you need

13. Want a really good keyboard?  Got it, and at a good price

14. Can't find the right mouse?  We can

15. Looking for that perfect gaming console? So are we. If you find it, let us know.  We have a pile of

      them in the corner.

Whatever you need, you should consider comparing us to the competition before you buy.  We don't mind

PC Implementation

PC Implementation used to be time consuming & expensive with technicians sitting in front of machines for hours making sure everything was manually transferred and configured.  In most cases, we can migrate your information from ALL your old PC's to new ones in a matter of a few hours.  Now the labor intensive part is physically uninstalling and installing the new machines.  We set up your new PC's on your network, but separate from your existing PC's, we migrate the data, remove your old PC's,  replace them with the new ones, then remove the hard drives from your old PC's for destruction.

We can usually do 20 PC's in a day with no problem, but of course it has to be a  day you are closed.

What about just one PC?  we can do that too, it's just not quite as cost effective.

We LOVE our job and take great pride in being efficient, saving our customers money and down time.

Want more information?  Contact us!

PC Management

If you've looked around our site, you have probably see references to SystemPulse.  SystemPulse is a group of tools we use to manage our customers.  Depending on the customer, it can be serveral products configured to meet the customer's specific needs, in the best, most economical way, or just one that meets their needs perfectly.

Our management system includes:

*  Remote Access

*  Event Alerts

*  Basic & advanced reporting covering just about any aspect of a network or device

*  Hardware Inventory, one time or recurring

*  Software Inventory, one time or recurring

*  Monitored Anti-Virus with reporting and alerts

*  Monitored Anti-Spam with reporting and alerts

*  Monitored Backup and REcovery options that are astounding!

*  Monitored and automated patch management with reporting

*  Active Directory management and protection with reporting

*  Network Security scans and management, with detailed reporting

*  Advanced network auditing and enforcement with reporting

*  Policy management and enforcement with reporting

*  Program privilege management

*  Ticketing and Help Desk, in-house or hosted

We don't require that you buy from us or require that you configure your network and machines a certain way.  Of course we have opinions as to best  practices and express our opinions in the form of reports.  Also, if we see serious issues, we will bring them to your attention and make recommendations.

Want to chat?  Contact us!

PC Support & Service

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best, most effective support & service options available, which means we have to have a variety of plans & programs developed to meet the needs of our customers.  You can find details of those plans & programs in other documents on this site.

Ellegent has been in existence either as Ellegent or Rolling Enterprises since 1995 and use a variety of technologies along with onsite service to maintain our customers.  We maintain most brands of Windows PCs and are always striving to find better ways to achieve our goals.

Our normal business hours, for service & support, are from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.  We contract for service outside of normal business hours or charge premium to work outside normal business hours.  We charge for travel, portal to portal unless you are on some sort of contract with us.

Want to chat further?    Have questions for us?  Call us at 618-624-1138 or fill out the "contact us" form below

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