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February 2021



Cost of Security

Cost of Security is going up

If you haven’t noticed, the cost of security is going up.  In 1990 the cost of security was almost nothing, you might have bought Norton Security, but you didn’t “have” to.  Now the industry estimates it costs between

$30 and $150 a month, per user, to provide network security.  The price difference is because some industries have compliance requirements. . . . Continue reading

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

DDOS attacks are now a fact of life

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks are now a fact of life.  You can go on the Dark Web and buy an attack for 30 minutes for $50.  all you need is bitcoin and an IP address to attack, No questions asked 

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Network Security Checklist

The following tips can help you develop and win support for an effective network security plan:  Many small and medium-sized businesses do not have adequate network security. Here's how to make sure you do.  Now more than ever, you depend on your network for your most important business operations, such as communication, inventory, billing, sales, and trading with partners. Yet up to now, you might have held off on protecting your network, for several reasons:  . . . . Continue reading


IT Services have changed!

Gone are the days where you owned everything and there was one common way to pay for services. Every vendor has a method to monetize their offerings and try to make their “rules” make sense. .  Although the way vendors present their offerings may be confusing, you may find that one suits your business better than the others 

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Logon Security

Security is a HUGE issue.

Every responsible business has to ensure that it’s security is top notch.

Each user is responsible to use those resources correctly. . . . Continue reading

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