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April 2021

Dual Factor Authentication

​It is called Dual Factor Authentication (DFA) or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).  Whatever you call it, it adds another step to log into ANYTHING that has confidential information.  Yes, you will be using DFA or MFA to get into just about any program or site that has sensitive information.  AND in most cases, you are not the one to decide if it is needed and whether you are going to use it . . .Continue reading

A "New" Threat - Maze Ransomware

Ransomware, as software, isn’t illegal.  It’s how it’s used that is illegal.

There is a new (first identified in November of 2019) form of ransomware called Maze.  Maze not only very efficiently encrypts all devices on a network, but also sends the encrypted data back to the attacker’s server to be held for ransom . . . . Continue reading

Residential Wireless

It seems simple, get a router with wireless for your home and you’re good.  If it doesn’t work, get a more expensive one.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way . . . . Continue reading




When Personal Information has been compromised

.What to do when your personal information has been compromised/How to be safe in our connected world 

. . . . Continue reading 

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