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Professional IT Services for Small Businesses

When network issues tie you down, we have the solutions to set you free! 

Our Services

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services to help you be more productive with less down time which results in lost revenue.

What We 

Do -

First & Foremost

Support our Customers





What we 

Manage -



*Network Security

*PC's & Servers

*Cloud PBX's & Cloud   products

What We


*Microsoft Products

*PC's & Servers

*Notebooks & associated   products

*Network Security Solutions


Early on in our business we had a company that did not work well for us.  Our attorney introduced us to Ellegent Systems, and we’ve been with them ever since.  That was 20 years ago.  Ellegent does an excellent job managing our networks and computers.  They are responsive and courteous; we could not ask for a better team to support us.  Kevin, our main contact does an exceptional job. Kevin knows our people and our systems.  I recommend Ellegent Systems to any business wanting an IT company that will work as part of the team.  They are honest and always look for ways that benefit us and give us an advantage.


O'Fallon, IL

Do I Need a Password Manager?


If you are not using a Password Manager of some sort - You should be!

There, we said it.  Manually managing passwords is a pain, time consuming, and if you lose where you store your password it is going to take a lot of time resetting them. . . . .continue reading!

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Recovery from Disaster

lightning strike.png

We have seen a LOT of lightning strikes over 35 years in the IT business.  All have one thing in common, some electronics are damaged immediately.  The ones that still work after the lightning strike will have a much shorter life span.  There are three types of lightning strikes:  direct strike to the building, a near strike, ie: to a tree nearby, and a strike to the electrical grid.  This story is about a direct strike.  Read More

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